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Artemisia Absinthium

I do not want your money, your email address or to be your friend on Facebook.  I put up this website because I got tired of friends and relatives dying of cancer, and of cancer treatments.

On a greater scale, the giant health care monopoly makes billions on expensive treatments with dubious (often fatal) results.  The rising cost of health care, out of proportion to any inflation multiplier, is literally bankrupting our municipalities and small businesses.

Dick's Story:
Dick and I never got along that well - until he got the cancer.  He had worked in the Defense industry all his life building weapons in giant machine shops.  I lived in the woods and avoided a straight job as long as possible.

"In the early years, most of us didn't even have gloves" he would tell me.  "And masks and HAZMAT suits, you can forget about until relatively recently".

"You know some things," he said.   "About plants and herbs"

This was true. I am an amateur herbalist, though with little formal training.

" I keep hearing about people being cured of their cancers, within just a couple of weeks sometimes.  All by herbs.  Just herbs".

I looked in all of my herbals and consulted friends, but I did not find anything promising such dramatic results.  Dick died a few months later.

Michael's Story:
Michael was a handyman, and much beloved by all.  When I was a teenager I helped him tar a roof.  By the end of the day I was covered with it.  Michael casually took a rag and soaked it in gasoline.  He used this to wipe off the tar.

"Don't worry," he told me. "I do this all the time".

Michael died of pancreatic cancer twenty years later.

Eric's Story:
Eric saved animals for a living.  He was famous for jumping into oil slicks and washing off the wildlife.  After thirty years of that he got the cancer bad.

By the time he called his sister to say goodbye, he was off chemo and radiation, and was given two to three months to live.  He was too weak to get out of bed anymore.

Sis worked on the same building as me.  In a panic she asked if I knew of anything that might help.  This time I did.

I put him on sodium alginate, a natural substance found in red seaweeds.  It pulls radiation and many heavy metals out of your body.  He ate as much Japanese food as he could stand - especially seaweeds. He also ate Italian food; to make up for the lucapene and calcium sodium alginate pulls out along with the bad stuff.

Two months later he was walking the dog and visiting friends. 

Nine months later he was back in bed.  The cancer was spreading again.  Once again he was given two months to live.

Eric called to thank me for the extra nine months, and to tell me how precious they were to him. Once again he was saying goodbye.

I told him not to give up so fast.  During the last nine months I had been doing my homework too.

What we needed, I reasoned, was a CANCER ERASER, a molecule that would hone in on cancer cells and destroy them, while ignoring healthy cells. 

What we needed was a chemical marker that signaled "cancer cell here", and a way to destroy them.

My investigation revealed that one way cancer cells differ from healthy cells is that cancer cells divide so rapidly they leave their iron unprotected.

Iron is strongly attracted to oxygen.  That's why it rusts, and why it is used to transport oxygen in your blood.  Cells hide their iron to keep it away from oxygen, which will immediately bind with it.  If that happens, the cell basically self-destructs.   

Are their any other diseases where cells multiply so rapidly they leave their iron exposed?

In fact there is.  Malaria cells reproduce so quickly; they too leave their iron vulnerable.  This weakness is being successfully exploited by a new group of plant-based medicines specifically targeting malaria. The active ingredient is extracted from a common roadside herb called Artemisia, or wormwood.  The active molecule is called artemisinin.  It is available in natural or synthetic form.

I emailed my buddy working in Africa.  He battled malaria every year for over a decade. 

Had he heard about this artemisinin? Indeed he had. 

"Its different from other things I've taken when I start to feel it (the malaria) coming on," he told me. 

"I feel better within a day, and in three days it is completely gone.  I feel so CLEAN afterwards. It really is remarkable".

Would a Malaria Eraser work as a Cancer Eraser? I let the search engines do the work, and the results were there to see.

Not only have thousands of people been treated with artemisia/artemisinin worldwide; a major US pharmaceutical company has patented enhanced artemisinin, said to be 10x more effective at scavenging and neutralizing cancer cells.

This might be a secret to you and me, but it is common knowledge in some circles.

How to make Wormwood Bitters and Homemade Absinthe

Start with a large glass canning jar

Fill with fresh or dried wormwood (artemesia vulgaris or artemesia absinthium). Use enough so when you lightly compress it, half the jar remains filled with the herb.

Add common stinging nettles (urtica dioica) to fill to the remainder of the jar loosely.

Now add three large round slices of fresh organic ginger root (zingiber officinale) about inch thick on top of the nettles, compressing the leaves to get the ginger root into the jar. You now have a jar that is fairly densely packed with herbs. Do not overpack the herbs, just push down firmly once or twice and allow them to rise back up to their natural level.

Slowly add unflavored vodka 80 proof (ethanol) to the herbs, preferably from a glass bottle, to the bottom of the neck of the jar. Push a chopstick or poker into the jar and wiggle it around a bit making sure that the liquid gets to every part of the herbs.  Now fill the jar right up close to top and seal hand tight. Label as Wormwood Bitters with the ingredients and date on the label. Store out of direct sunlight and shake occasionally.

To make a healthy homemade absinthe add one dried star anise to every jar and let sit for three weeks, shaking occasionally. Drain and serve one ounce (one level shot) over ice with fresh lemon juice and fizzy water. Drink one a day for health and recreation.

To make a powerful herbal bitters tonic let the herbs steep for six weeks. You can drain it then, removing the herbs; or leave them in for up to six months. It is recommended that one ounce be taken daily with fresh lemon juice. If possible take oz 4x daily for two months (one oz per day broken up into 4 doses). This is roughly 1 tablespoon 4x daily.

Taking Wormwood Bitters through the day and at night helps its effectiveness. Plan on staying on it for at least two months. Our friend Eric has been taking Artemisia daily for the past ten years. And his lymphoma has never returned. Other people take it for a month once a year as a preventative once the cancer is confirmed as being gone.

Do not stay on Wormwood Bitters for more than a year at a time as kidney damage may result. Synthetic Artemisinin does not have this issue but is considered less effective for the critical first three months of use. Use Synthetic Artemisinin for maintenance over long periods of time when a body is so riddled with cancer that it makes sense to stay on it indefinitely. This is especially important if they sent you home to die from your cancer and your treatments. If it went that far expect to stay on artemesia/artemesinin. Or do a 30 day round every three months the first year and every six months afterwards.


Artemisia may or may not work for you and those you love.  It is a cancer eraser - not a cancer cure.  With it you get a Do Over. You get to clean the slate and approach the healthy equilibrium of your body differently.  Or you can keep doing what you are doing and be happy for the extra time you've gained without burdening the health care system. It is up to each individual to eat fresh, local, organic, mostly plant based foods, exercise moderately, drink good, untreated water, keep plastic away from all food and water contact, avoid fake colors and flavors, chlorinated water, air pollution, off gassing consumer products, balance your pH etc.

I also believe it is important to feel our connection to all of the life on this world and to not be "irritated" and "annoyed" all the time.

We all will die one day. Nobody I know has ever gotten out alive.  But as GB Shaw once wrote," When their putting the noose around your neck and reading you your last rites; the least you can do is spit the preacher in the eye for his troubles".

Artemisinin pills suggested dosage:
1000mg daily divided into three doses taken a half hour before eating.  Even better, take it with a half a piece of buttered toast.  Artemisinin is oil soluble and butter/oil make it absorbed more readily.  

Warnings:  Tincture of artemisia may disorient you, especially when used in combination with other treatments. Be sure you are capable of operating machinery when taking it.  Using tincture of artemisia for more that 6 months may result in kidney damage.  Please switch over to pills once you can handle them.  Artemesisin pills are taken for up to 2 years as a preventative. 

Other healthy plants you should know about:

Natural medicines are typically taken for no more than 6 weeks.  Rotate herbal medicines on this cycle to reduce tolerance to the actives.

If you do get a Do Over, use it to spread love and light to all you can.  Do things that benefit other people.  Feed the hungry, read to seniors, volunteer at the shelter. Think about what is really important to you and pay attention to that, rather than making and spending money and exchanging it for power and status. Love more, and fret less.

Information link:  http://www.healthfreedoms.org/this-mixture-kills-98-of-cancer-cells-within-16-hours/

God Bless.

Legal Disclaimer: This website is for informational and entertainment purposes only.  There is no intention to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. In case of illness, contact a licensed physician.

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